There are several scholarships available for Pakistani students to study at universities in the United States. International Consulting Services (ICS) is assisting students from Pakistan to get maximum scholarships in the fields of Medicine, engineering, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Information Technology.


Types of Scholarships available for Pakistani Students.

Some famous scholarships for Pakistani students can apply are: Full Bright Scholarship, Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship, Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship, American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship and University-specific scholarships, in university related scholarships many universities on our panel offer 50% till 85% scholarships to deserving students.
We recommend all students to research and apply for scholarships well in advance, as the application deadlines and requirements vary for each scholarship program. It is also recommended to check with the respective universities for any additional scholarships that may be available.

Eligibility Criteria for International Scholarships

Eligibility criteria for international scholarships for Pakistani students typically include:
• Strong academic record with good grades.
• Demonstrated financial need.
• English language proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL scores).
• Specific field of study matching the scholarship.
• Letters of recommendation.
• Personal statement or essay.
• Evidence of extracurricular activities or leadership skills.

Application Process for Scholarships from Pakistan

The application process for scholarships can vary depending on the scholarship program and the institution offering it. Generally, it involves several steps. ICS will help you get the maximum number of scholarships.
• First, you need to research and identify how much money you can afford to study abroad.
• Once you agreed to apply according to the country selected and according to your budget, send us your all-educational documents to start the process.
• We will directly start applying to various universities in your selected field of education, once your application is approved, we will notify you accordingly to move towards the next step In the process.
Which country is best for Pakistani students to study?
We categorize the above question according to the ranking of the university, the country education system, its international recognition and present of experienced faculty, as per the survey USA, Canada, UK, Australia considered the best destinations for international students to select and achieved a world recognized degree. The top countries for Pakistani students to study abroad include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Malaysia, France, Singapore, and Sweden.

How can I go abroad from Pakistan?

Many people think about relocating due to several factors and reasons, from Pakistan the top destinations for relocating are USA, Canada, Europe and Middle East. People select different ways of relocating, some apply for Work visas, some go for higher education and after education avail the facility of Post study work permit options. Many students contact ICS offices in Pakistan get the complete guidance of whole process of getting admission to securing the visa.

How many Pakistanis are studying abroad?

Each year many Pakistani students apply for abroad universities and as an estimation around 60,000 to 70,000 Pakistani students go abroad for studies each year. The top countries for Pakistani students to study abroad include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Malaysia, France, Singapore, and Sweden.

Which country is easy to get student visa from Pakistan?

The United States of America is the easiest among the top-notch countries to study abroad, however many European countries like the UK, France, Germany, Holland and Sweden are also in the list to give international students an opportunity to get world class education.